Design Build in Calgary

A project delivery method is the system used by a company to facilitate the creation of your custom-built home. At Quindell Builders LTD we follow the design-build process. Instead of traditional project delivery where you deal with two separate contracts (designer and contractor) we allow you to work with one team through the entire process.

Following a design-build method allows for a seamless process in which you will not have to facilitate the interactions between a designer and contractor who sometimes will not see things the same way. Our sub-consultants and sub-contractors do not change from job to job, so when you read our reviews you will be reading about the exact Calgary team you’ll be working with on your job!

Design-Build vs. Traditional

When it comes to making the decision for design-build or traditional building, the two come close in terms of advantages and disadvantages, dependent on the company. At Quindell Builders LTD we provide Calgary with the most effective and trustworthy service, so you don’t have to be concerned about your build.

In a design-build contract, we are liable for design specifications. Traditionally, since you would be working with a designer and architect separately, the final design is your responsibility when you bring it to the contractor. Therefore, if your architect got something wrong, your contractor would not be obligated to fix this!

This may seem like a bit of a con for us, but we’re confident in our process and our abilities to produce a great home! Just be aware, depending on how hands-on you intend to be there can be a slight loss of control as the contractor will have more say right from the start in terms of what will work best.

Another thing to note is your specifications will be required sooner than traditionally—your plan will be assessed and completed quickly with architect and contractor working together. On top of this, since they have more say, the contractor can begin your build sooner! So long as you have your ducks in a row you won’t be remembering that special design element you wanted after the room is built.

The design-build delivery method is a streamlined process carried out by confident and experienced craftspeople.

With a smaller team and more communication, design-build is the more cost effective option. Even cost visibility will be clearer from the start. If you know what you want and are a decisive thinker, design-build is the best option for you!

Dare To Design-Build

You know what you want, and we want to make that a reality. With a history of honesty, reliability and skill, and a focus on top-notch customer service, you will not be disappointed. We’re not afraid to tell you that consistent communication and a quality product is what you will receive in the end.

Contact Quindell Builders LTD today. Schedule a free quote, meet your contractor, architect and build team and start laying the groundwork for your Calgary build. The only thing holding you back is yourself!