Home Remodeling Contractors in Calgary

A large home remodeling project needs a knowledgeable manager at the head of it. A contractor provides a single point of contact to control the entire build, so you don’t have to manage sub-contractors and be accountable for anything that may go wrong. At Quindell Builders LTD we are confident in taking responsibility for your project and ensuring that the job will be done quickly, and with integrity.

The best way to survive the remodeling of your home, an endeavor that has the potential to be the definition of “headache”, is to hire Quindell Builders LTD and get a Calgary contractor on the job today!

How to Hire a Contractor

The best place to start when you’re looking to hire a contractor, is to get recommendations. At Quindell Builders LTD we pride ourselves on transparence, and make our Calgary clients’ reviews easily accessible through our website. Another great place for double checks is Angie’s List, a great tool for seeing many reviews all in one place.

We advise interviewing potential contractors on the phone as well as doing a face-to-face meeting, and we make ourselves available for this process with every client. Your confidence in our services is important! Not only will your contractor be managing the build site but they will also be hiring and negotiating contract with subcontractors, managing pay schedules, negotiating material rates and coordinating orders, and troubleshooting all on-site problems.

A great way for both contractor and client to test the waters in working with each other is a smaller test job. We don’t consider this to be a waste of time at Quindell Builders LTD so feel free to ask!

Your contractor is your partner during a home remodeling project, and at Quindell Builders LTD your partnership is important to us. When you sign a contract at our company, your remodeling project will be our number one priority.

Construction Bidding

When you have a few contractors in mind, it is then our turn to submit a construction bid. In this bid, we’ll give you a rough cost estimate along with blueprints and material lists along with their potential prices. This is also where you’ll see what labor will be involved and how many sub-contractors will be employed on the job, along with the contractor’s permanent employees.

At Quindell Builders LTD we employ a few builders full-time for smaller projects, but depending on the scope of the job, will bring on subcontractors. Rest assured, these are always subcontractors that our contractors have completed successful builds with. It is not their first job, and they will produce the same quality we are known for.

Let’s Start the Process!

Now that you have a rough idea of the steps that go into starting a medium- to large-size remodeling job. To carry out the proper amount of research and have enough meetings to get to the bidding process, starting sooner is better than starting later.

Don’t wait too long, give us a call today! Our contractors would love to meet with you and hear about your dream renovation!