Manufactured Homes in Calgary

In the era of the tiny house, people are more and more interested in purchasing manufactured homes.

The idea of an affordable new home that you can place on a plot of land anywhere and move easily is a romantic one, and if you’re trying to lead a clutter- and waste-free life, purchasing a manufactured home is a great start.

Manufactured homes use less resources and are easy to make green, and if tiny homes aren’t your speed, double and triple wide options mean you don’t have to sacrifice space!

How Are They Made?

Manufactured homes are made in large climate-controlled facilities. Because this is done fully indoors, you never need be concerned about weather damaging the home or delaying construction time. When Quindell Builders LTD gives you a build time, it is always accurate. Homes can take anywhere from two days to one week or so to build, so you’ll get your money’s worth fast!

Our build process is made up of seven steps all of which can be followed out using green materials and additions such as solar panels.

  • Foundation
  • Sub-floor
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Exterior walls
  • Roof
  • Exterior finishing

For appliances, we only use the highest quality brands, and with flexible water lines, your plumbing will even be able to withstand frigid temperatures. When you first place your home in Calgary you’ll know that it is built to last.

No need to worry about scheduling inspections, we carry them out in-house so that when you have your home, you can move in immediately!

Quindell Builders LTD Homes Are Safe and Reliable

While some older manufactured homes were made to have surface appeal, only to deteriorate quickly, this is no longer the case.

When purchasing one of our manufactured homes in Calgary our promise to you is that from the exterior to interior, you can expect the best in materials and appliances.

We recommend if you are considering buying a manufactured home that you buy new—the cost is not a lot more, and that way you can be assured that you get the quality you pay us to produce. Our team has years of qualified experience between them and produce the best.

Today’s manufactured homes have a life expectancy of 30-55 years. Make sure to keep up maintenance and you can experience many great years in your new home.

Join the Community

When you purchase a manufactured home you join a community of likeminded individuals who are often more welcoming than stick built homeowners.

The nomadic possibilities of a manufactured home breeds a free attitude towards life and attracts many worldly purchasers.

Whether you choose to settle on a plot of land outside of a manufactured home neighborhood or park, you will now have a great conversation starter and be able to share tips and stories with other manufactured homeowners you come across.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Quindell Builders LTD today and ask how you can purchase your very own manufactured home! A community-based, green and clutter-free life awaits.