Model Homes in Calgary

If you just visited one of the Calgary developments we are currently constructing, you will have had a walk through the model home. At Quindell Builders LTD, when we build this home, it is the first in the neighborhood, built to the exact vision we have the for all the homes. It represents the mood of the community and all that is possible in a home there.

For example, the best appliances we can imagine are installed, and the paint colors used in mock-up designs are applied. While other homes in the development will be different, filled with whatever the homeowner brings in, the model home is representative of the original inspiration behind the development.

Buying a Model Home

Buying a model home is a great way to own a designer home without having to wait around for the design process itself. If you choose to customize it that is always an option, but if you don’t, you will purchase a turnkey property, fully outfitted to magazine quality.

Like with any home buying process it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages, but at Quindell Builders LTD, the advantages far outweigh any negative aspects. Our Calgary builders are skilled and have a keen eye for detail that produces beautiful homes made with high-quality materials.


A model home has never been occupied. It is fitted with upgrades, decorated and landscaped beautifully. If you choose to, you can even purchase it furnished.


The layout will be our ideal layout. Based on years of knowledge, the design is streamlined for convenience and ease of life.

Settling Repairs

Especially with a home that’s been on the market for a year or so, settling repairs that normally are expected in a new home will already be completed.

With these points, a money saving opportunity becomes even better. Settling repairs are an unexpected expense that most new homeowners have to deal with. It is important to note a few issues however.


Any warranties on the home began when the build was completed, so you will miss out on a few months or years.


New homes have a discount on insurance for the first five years. Like with the warranty, you will be missing some of this time as well.


Many people think of a model home as a show home, where workmanship is shoddy and all for show. While it’s important to consider when looking at model homes, at Quindell Builders LTD our model homes are constructed just as durably as all other homes.

Get a Designer Deal Today

Our Airdrie developments feature beautiful homes, with the model being the best. Own your very own model home fully outfitted with designer features built to last by talented and dedicated Quindell Builders LTD builders.

Simply give our offices a call to see if the home you’ve got your eye on is available to be bid on! Even if it’s not, we can inform you when it is. We can’t wait to hear from you!