Modular Homes in Calgary

In the world of custom home building in Calgary, modular homes are becoming an increasingly popular option. The industry is established enough to be of quality, but still receiving the updates to remain current. When once a modular home was thought of as a trailer—a box shaped single-storey home—now you can only tell them from a classic site-built home if you look very carefully.

Like with anything, it is important to be aware of the positive and negative aspects before getting involved. You may be leaning towards modular and decide you would prefer the scope for customization of a site-built home, or you may require the more affordable option of a manufactured home. So how do you know if a modular home is perfect for you?

Pros and Cons

  • Customization: This is both a pro and a con when it comes to modular homes. The modular home is more customizable than a manufactured home but far less than a site-built custom home where, if you like, you can design it foot-by-foot to be entirely unique.
  • More financing options: Another double-edged sword. While there are more ways to finance your new home, banks are less used to providing this service so you may run into confusion here, and will generally have to put more money down up front.
  • Cost: Modular homes cost less than on-site homes and are often of better quality since a factory has less variables than an outdoor plot of land. However, land cost has to be taken into budget consideration. Not only will you have to purchase a plot of land outside of a development, but that land may have natural hilliness to it that needs to be leveled for a build.
  • Green: Perhaps one of the most appealing pros of the modular home is that it is considered a green building. Because of this, you will have reduced waste and less monthly costs. A modular home is built to be airtight which will lower your heating and cooling costs. Because of this however, a vent needs to be installed in every room to allow for air flow so you don’t incur property damage.
  • Reselling: Modular homes are permanent structures which do not depreciate in value. There is a certain perception of them though, at times making it difficult to resell an admittedly modular home.

The Power Is in Your Hands

If your goal is to find a beautiful home with some options for customizing, that will be built quickly and efficiently and save you money in the long run on utilities, the modular home is for you.

If any of the cons listed on this page deterred you though, a fully custom or fully manufactured home may be the direction you need to go in. No matter what your decision, Quindell Builders LTD can build you a beautiful Calgary home, exactly the way you want it.

Call us today to book a consultation, or if you just have some questions! We love to help.