Manufactured Homes in Airdrie

Manufactured or mobile homes are factory built and delivered to your property on a trailer. They can be moved easily from location to location if you favor a nomadic lifestyle.

They’re a great choice for new homeowners who don’t have the budget for a fully custom stick built home but who still want the independence of owning their own home.

Leasing land or renting space within a mobile home community offers a lot of freedom. If and when you decide to move, you do not have to worry about selling an entire property, just the land. What’s more, if you own land, you can temporarily own a mobile home and change your mind down the line.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you purchase any home, no matter what the cost, it is important to know what you’re getting into. Our Airdrie clients know they can always come to us for up-front honest advice.

The advantages of a manufactured home are many, and include:

  • Affordability. When it comes to comparing custom stick housing, modular and manufactured, manufactured wins every time. If you want to achieve home ownership easily, buy manufactured.
  • Flexibility. This works in two directions. If you own land and want temporary housing for it you can buy manufactured and eventually build custom. If you lease your land or rent in a community, you can move your home to another location easily.
  • High Standard of Building. Manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment so they are always built to a consistent high standard. This also means you will not have to worry about weather delays.
  • Green. Manufactured homes are easily built to be eco-friendly. They are easy to incorporate solar panels and Energy Star appliances into and have earned the highest standard in this area.

With this, there can be some issues as well.

  • Expensive to finance. Because manufactured homes are not considered real property (not permanently attached to the land they’re on), personal property is financed with higher interest rates.
  • Depreciation. Unlike a stick built home, manufactured homes depreciate quickly. If you own the land your home is on however, it can appreciate over time.
  • Landlords. If you are not leasing or buying your own piece of land and choose to live in a community, you will still have a landlord to deal with.
  • Damage. Manufactured homes are built on temporary foundations so if you live in an area prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes, your home will be more vulnerable.

Looking for More Info? Call Us!

In our opinion, the freedom and environmental benefits of buying a manufactured home far outweigh any of the disadvantages. If this is your first home, manufactured is the way to go in Airdrie. Just contact Quindell Builders LTD today and we’ll set you up with our top-notch builders and movers to give you the best manufactured housing experience you’ll ever have!