Modular Homes in Airdrie

For the modern homeowner, modular homes provide everything you could desire. Made of high-quality materials with a build that is faster than 100% of all houses built on site…that’s all of them!

Being built in factory, modular homes go through rigorous inspection so that you don’t have to worry about it. Because of this, your new modular will not only arrive to your property in a reasonable timeline, but will be constructed better.

A modular home is not a trailer—it is considered a permanent structure and once it’s on your property, it will not depreciate in value.


Before you call us up and start the process on getting a modular home of your own, there are a few things to consider.

  • Land: Before you buy a modular home, you need to purchase a plot of land. This land is likely to have natural inconsistencies in the terrain so it may need to be leveled in order to properly install your new home.
  • Financing: There are many flexible options for financing your new modular home, but it’s best to get to your bank sooner rather than later, as this isn’t exactly a normal request. Your bank will need to work out a personalized financing plan with you.

The Process

After you’ve picked out a blueprint and worked in any custom options required, your house will start being built in our factory! This occurs like any other home with five segments.

  • The shell (floors, walls, insulation, interior beams)
  • Roof (with insulation)
  • Electricity, plumbing and ventilation
  • Interior finishing (cabinetry and architectural detailing)
  • Exterior finishing

At last, the modules will be packed up, ready to go to your Airdrie land!


But how long does this process take? Before the factory receives your order, your plans will need to be created and approved, you will need to have a building permit issued, and your finances secured. Following this, once the factory has your order in hand, your home will be complete and on your property within 6-18 weeks.

This is a huge difference in comparison to a ground-up custom home which can take upwards of six months. At this point you will not be able to move in immediately, since you will be waiting on a certificate of occupancy which can take a few weeks in itself.

Either way, a modular home is a faster and more convenient option than the classic fully custom home built on site.


Like most custom home builds, the modular home process can be a little unpredictable, but the results you get in the end are worth it. Plus, the factors you do have to worry about are far less than what you’d usually expect, with the home being built in a factory.

Finally, you will be living in a high-quality structure that you get to customize, with affordable utility bills, that is delivered to you in under a year!