Manufactured Homes in Wainwright

Manufactured homes are commonly known as mobile homes. They are a type of prefabricated housing, assembled in a factory and then transported to the build site. There is no assembly required on site, and they have their own wheeled chassis for movement.

This means that once you place your home on your property, should you choose to move, all you need to do is move your home itself to a new piece of land!

At Quindell Builders LTD we pride ourselves in producing the best manufactured homes, tailored to each client who employs us. For an affordable home that you can easily move, consider a manufactured home.

Are They Right for Me?

When it comes to buying your first home, there are many directions you can go in. You can purchase a pre-owned home from an agent, you can build an entirely custom one from the ground up, or you can choose a variety of prefab homes. Manufactured homes fit in to the prefab category, but are different from their modular counterparts in that they are entirely factory built with no construction taking place on your property. A foundation is put in place, and once the home arrives, it’s placed and you’re ready to move in!

Manufactured houses are the high-performance option. They are energy and water efficient, resilient to wind and other forces of nature, and look more attractive than ever. The manufactured home industry is constantly evolving and you’d be surprised how you can customize your future living space!

If you are in the market for an affordable prefab home, then the manufactured home is for you.

The Affordable Option

Mobile homes range from roughly $37,000-$73,000; more for double or triple wide homes. This is not including the land which you must purchase separately. If you plan to set up your home in a development or park, you will pay a monthly fee to rent your space for $100-$800 or more depending on the location and amenities. If you prefer to set up your home on a rural property, it will be more. However, you will have more control over your land. If you are ever considering selling your home, a double or triple wide depreciates less than your basic single.

Are Manufactured Homes Real Property?

No, they are not. What does this mean? Like recreational vehicles such as camper trailers, manufactured homes are considered personal property. Unlike like the modular homes they are often mistaken for, mobile homes are not to be considered an investment. They will not increase in value. But manufactured homes are the best personal investment in your future should you want to get away from the city and fully own your home.

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